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About us

Mike Gray

I am 59 years old and will be getting my winter fuel allowance and bus pass next year. I am married to Susan, 35 years last May and she seemed quite happy for me to do this trip when I mentioned it?............I wonder why!!! We have two children, my son, Joel ( see below), and daughter, Beth, who will hopefully keep her eye on Susan whilst we are away. I have ridden/owned Motorcycles for the past 42 years and you would have thought I would know better by now. In 1971 I left England to do an overland trip with two mates across Africa. One of which left us to stay in Botswana and so the two of us continued up the coast to East Africa, picking up two girls along the way! The two girls returned to South Africa, my mate had fallen in love with one of them and eventually left in search for her. In the mean time his sister, Susan, had joined me, we fell in love and were married in Nairobi, Kenya. Together, we then spent the next 4 years travelling and working in various parts of the African Continent. I had previously trained as a Mechanical Engineer, although a few of my mates doubt this, and have spent the past 21 years as a self employed local Builder.

Strapping young man in Scotland, before colour!!!

Joel Gray

Will be 30 this year! Has been riding motorcycles from a young age (as can be seen in the photo below!). Qualified as a Mechanical Engineer and has been working for a local Precision Engineering company until recently. Has done a bit of Motocross and Green Laning. Snowboarding and music are his other passions as well as the normal young male pursuits! Currently young, free & single (Ladies!). He is very much looking forward to looking after his "old man", Mike, on this trip!!!..........more a case of having to!

Your never too young to ride a bike! (Note: Same bike, but in colour!)




Dom Davis

40 years old this month!........and showing it! Just about single, has a girlfriend Susanna. Works for his successful family Building Business and has been riding motorcycles since he can remember. He is very competent rider (as can be seen in the photo below!),  who won the CB500 British title a few years ago. In 2005 he completed an organised Trans America motorcycle trip with Globebusters, "The Ride". He has told us that he is not going to fall of his bike on this journey. Which is just as well as he can help Mike pick his bike up when he fall's off!

Dom showing off his natural talent!