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This is the story of our adventure from England to South Africa (Cape Agulhus) via Norway (Nordkapp)! The three off us are mates (Mike and Joel are Father and Son) who, together with others, ride motorcycles most Sunday mornings on the "breakfast run", all year round, come rain or shine. While on a lads weekend run to the Millau Bridge in France two years ago, Mike & Dom were discussing Dom's Trans America trip, which he had completed the year before, and how he was looking at doing a similar trip across Africa. Mike who had travelled extensively in Africa in a Landrover during the 70's, thought about this overnight and suggested if we did our own thing, he would be interested in giving it a go, subject to permission at home, of course! On their return, Mike was granted permission and Joel not to miss out made the decision to join us. It was originally going to be a "Home to Cape town" trip, but then Mike pointed out that we should go to Cape Agulhus, the most southern tip of Africa. Dom then suggested we travel up to the most northern tip of Europe i.e. the Nordkapp, first! Hence Joel came up with the "Kapp to Cape 08" name for the trip. The planning and organising for this unsupported journey, done by ourselves (unlike certain other celebrities!), seems to have taken forever with numerous "hiccups", which have all been overcome so far. We are proud to be supporting MAG , "Mines Advisory Group" , who are a charity which help clear land mines and ordinance throughout various parts of the world including Africa. Making a big difference to peoples lives. Information and donations to MAG can be made by following our sponsorship link to their Website - www.maginternational.org/kapptocape2008 Also you can donate on our justgiving page. We are also supporting Unicef - www.unicef.org.uk